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      Increases sexual power of men. Should be taken with majoon Falasfa .

Dose :- 1 Tab twice a day.                                    Available in 20 tab pack.                                            Rs. 350/- Per pack.

                 HABB-E-AMBER MOMIYAI

     Very effective in increasing sperm count and delaying ejaculation. Should be taken with majoon Jalali.

Dose :- 2 Tabs twice a day.                              Available in 20 tabs pack.                                       Rs 400/- per pack.

                      LABOOB-E- KABIR

      Increases semen quantity and sperm count.

Dose :- 2-2 Teaspoonfuls twice a day.         Available in 125 gm & 500 gm pack.                     Rs. 250/- & Rs. 900/-


       Regular use produces very hard erections. Also useful in cases of early ejaculation.

       Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonfuls twice a day. Available in 125 gm & 500 gm pack.                         Rs. 275/- & 575/-

                     MAJOON SHABAB

          Especially made formula for middle aged & elderly men & women Enhances sexual desire, increases performance and maintains erection for a longer period. Also relieves stress.

       Dose :- 2-2 Teaspoonfuls twice a day. Available in 125 & 500 gm packs.                             Rs. 250/- & 950/-

                     MAJOON - JALALI

         A high grade aphrodisiac for man of all age groups. Greatly enhances sexual performance and increases sperm count.

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoon full twill a day.         Available in 125 & 500 gm packs.                               Rs. 200/- & 750/-

                           TILA - KHAS

       Regular application of this oil, makes penis very hard and strong.

       Apply daily on penis in the night, wash in the morning Available in 50 gm bottle.                             Rs. 250/-                                     


     Generates sexual desire and enhances sexual  pleasure for both men & women.

Dose :- 2 tabs, when required.                    Available in 20 tab.  pack.                                  Rs.  400/- per pack.

                         HABB-E-MABHI KHAS

        Highly effective in producing and maintaining penile erections.

Dose :- 2 tabs in the evening.                                   Available in 20 tab. pack.                                   Rs. 500/- pack.

                    MAJOON PAMBA DANA

       Greatly increases sperm count.

Dose  :- 2-2 Teaspoonfuls twice a day.    Available in 125 gm & 500 gm pack.                       Rs. 200/- & Rs 700/-

                     MAJOON SAALAB

       Stimulates sexual desire. Effective in spermatorrhoea and early ejaculation .

Dose 2-2 tea spoonful twice a day.               Available in 125 gm & 500 gm pack.                  Rs. 250 & Rs. 850/-

                        QURS - SILAJEET

         Sometimes termed as Indian viagra these tablets are very effective in cases of early ejaculation, Impotence and excessive nocturnal emission.

Dose :- 2 Tab. every morning.                         Available in pack. of 20 tab.                                 Rs. 250 /- 

                  MAJOON ARAD KHURMA

        Take it with Qurs silajeet. A very effective cure for Impotence and. Premature ejaculation. 

Dose :- 2-2 Teaspoonfuls twice a day.            Available in 125 gm & 500 gm packs.                Rs. 150/- & Rs. 500/-        

                            TILA - SHABAB

         Especially made formula for middle aged and elderly man. Regular application of this oil makes their penis very hard & strong.

Apply every night on penis & wash in morning.  Available on 50 gm bottle.                                   Rs. 300/-                                         

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                   KESHDRAZ HAIRTONIC

     Very effective in combating dandruff, graying of hair & hair falling. It is purely herbal and safe. Massage the scalp daily and leave it for two house then rinse, 

Available in 200 ml bottles.                                         Rs. 325/-      




       A highly effective herbal cure for sagging or small breasts. Regular application will make breasts firm.

Available in 100 ml Bottles.                                         Rs. 650/-


                       SAFOOF MOHAZZIL

      A powder of herbs that causes negative energy metabolism so it causes loss of accumulated fats and thus reduces weight.

Available in 200 gm pack.                                       Rs. 300/-            





        A herbal suppository for loose vagina. It causes vaginal muscles to tighten up and makes it feel younger during sex. Suitable for any age group. 

      - Keep one suppository in vagina at night remove it in morning. 

Available in pack of 6                                                 Rs. 300/-                                        



                         NOOR FACE CREAM  

       It is herbal cream using very secret formula from the harems of Nawabs. It considerably improves complexion,  removes skin blemishes and wrinkles and makes you look young and beautiful - suitable for both men & women of any age.

Available in 50 gm pack.                                     Rs. 275/-           


                  MOTI TOOTH POWDER

       A unique herbal combination, highly effective in preventing and curing tooth problems. Regular application makes teeth stronger & shiny.

Available in 100 gm pack.                                   Rs. 100/-             


                HUSNA HERBAL FACE PACK

       Another secret formula from hakims of nawab. It is found very effective to improve the fairness and removes skin marks and wrinkles from face making it to look fresh and young.

 mix it with milk or honey and apply on face, leave it for night, rinse in morning.

Available in 200 gm pack.                                   Rs. 550/-    



       Very effective in removing pimples from the face.

       Dose :- 1 Tab. Thrice a day.                 Available in 50 tab. pack                                         Rs. 100/-




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        Drugs for Brain & Nervous System  

                       ITREEFAL ZAMANI

       Highly effective in Migrain, also relieves constipation & common cold .

Dose :- 2 Tea spoonfuls at night.                         Available in 125 gm & 500 gm packs.                   Rs. 225/- and 600/- 



         Very effective general body and Brain tonic for every age group.

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day.            Available in 125 gm & 500 gm packs .                   Rs. 250/- & 950/-



        Very effective tablets for all types of epilepsy, both for adults as well as children.                 

Dose - children 1 tab. daily. Adults 3 tab daily.   Available in 100 tabs pack .                                       Rs. 300/-  



         It is used to cure chronic fatigue syndrome. Take a dose after a hard day's work and feel rejuvinated.

Dose :- 1 Teaspoonful every evening.         Available in 100 gm pack .                                       Rs. 200/- -


                 ITREEFAL  USTOKHUDOOS

        Highly effective in curing chronic sinusitis and common cold. regular use keeps hair dark .

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day.           Available in 125 gm & 500gm packs.                 Rs. 350/- & 850/-\-

                         MAJOON NISYAN

          Very effective unani medicine to improve memory and  Brain power. Highly recommended for students and office workers .

Dose : -2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day.      Available in 125gm & 500 gm packs.                    Rs. 250/- & 900/-



           Very effective in all types of paralysis 

Dose - 1 tab. daily.                                              Available in 100 tab. pack.                                  Rs. 300/-


                    MAJOON JOGRAJ GOGUL

            Highly effective and routinely used unani medicine for arthritis.

Dose :- 1 ! Teaspoonfuls twice a day .              Available in 125 gm & 500 gm pack.                      Rs. 1225/- & 500/-

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  Drugs for Heart & Circulation  
                         JAWARISH - SHAHI

         Increases power of Heart Muscles.

Dose :- 1-2 Tea spoonful every morning.                Available in 125gm & 500gm packs .                           Rs. 250/- & 850/-

                          JAWAHAR MOHRA

          It is an amazing unani remedy for shock and low blood pressure

Dose :- 1 Tab. at a time.                                             Available in 20 tab pack .                                           Rs.250/-


        Relieves symptoms of heart diseases. Very useful in convalescence period after chronic disease.

 Dose :- 1-1 tea spoonfuls twice a day.              Available in 125gm & 500gm pack .                           Rs. 300/- & Rs. 1200/-


         Routinely used unani medicine for weak heart. More effective it used with jawahar Mohra.

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day.          Available in 125gm & 500gm pack .                         Rs. 375/- &  1375/-

                     DAWA-UL-MISK JAWAHARI

         Relieves palpitation and increases circulation.

Dose :- 1-1 Tea spoonful twice a day .                      Available in 125gm & 500gm pack .                      Rs. 300/- & Rs.1200/-


         Very useful and safe unani drug for high blood Pressure.

Dose :- 1 tab once or twice a day.                   Available in 50 tab pack                                       Rs. 300/-  

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                Drugs for Liver  

                HABB-E-KABID NAUSHADRI

        These are very effective unani tablets  for every type of hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver

Dose :- 2-2 Tabs after meals preferably with Majoon Dabeedulward .                                Available in 50 lab pack.                                           Rs. 125/-


                           ARQ - MAKOH

        Extract of Makoh has been found to be curative of all liver disorders.

Dose :- 2-2 Teaspoonfuls after meals.            Available on 750 ml bottles .                             Rs.250/-      


        It is very effective and routinely used unani medicine for Hepatitis, Jaundice and   inflammation of  internal organs .

        Dose :- 10-10 gm after meals. For better results use it with Habbe Kabid Naushadri tabs.   Available in 125 gm & 500 gm pack .                  Rs. 250/- & 850/-

                              ARQ - KASNI

         Extract of Kasni along with arq Makoh  has been routinely used to treat liver disorders

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonfuls after meals.           Available in 750 ml bottles .                                Rs. 250/-

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Drugs for Stomach & Intestines
                       JAWARISH JALINUS

        Increases digestive power and appetite. Removes flatulence, acidity and heart burn. Regular use keeps stomach & intestines healthy.

Dose :- 1-2 Tea spoonfuls after meals .              Available in 125gm & 500gm pack .                        Rs. 250/- & 950/-   

                        JAWARISH ANARAIN

         Very effective unani medicine for acidity and its related symptoms.

Dose :- 1-2 Tea spoonfuls after meals .                 Available in 125gm & 500gm packs .                    Rs. 200/- & 800/- 


        Relieves Abdominal pain and indigestion. stops hiccups and vomiting with nausea.

Dose :- 2 Tea spoonful when required .            Available in 125gm & 500gm pack .                        Rs. 200/- & Rs. 800/-    



          Very effective tablets for persons with chronic indigestion

Dose :- 1 tab after meals .                             Available in 100 tab packs .                                    Rs. 200/-


          Relieves flatulence and pain due to it.

Dose :- 1-2 Tab after meals .                        Available in 100 tab packs .                                 Rs.200/-

                               QURS ALKALY

         Gives fast relief from acidity and heart burn.

Dose :- 2 tab when required.                         Available in 100 tabs packs .                                 Rs. 200/-             

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Drugs for Respiratory System  

        Very effective unani medicine for acute and chronic Tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and common cold, relieves Rhinorrhoea 

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day with sherbat toot siyah .                                                       Available in 125gm & 500gm packs .                         Rs. 125/- & 450/-

                       SHERBAT TOOT SIYAH

         Very effective if used along with laooq sapistan khyarshambri.

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoon ful twice a day.                     Available in 750ml bottles .                                     Rs. 200/- 

                           SHERBAT ZOOFA

         Very effective unani syrup for Asthma and dry cough.

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day .               Available in 200ml bottles.                                         Rs. 175/-



         Very useful in cases of cough and nasal discharge.

Dose :- 1-2 Tabs twice a day.                          Available in 100 tab. Pack .                                      Rs. 200/-

                            SHERBAT - SADAR

         Very effective herbal antitussive. Relieves cough and symptoms of Asthma.

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day.         Available in 750mal bottles .                                   Rs. 200/-

                           LAOOQ - KATAN

         It is a herbal unani mucolytic. 

Dose :- 2-2 Tea spoonful twice a day.          Available in 200ml pack .                                          Rs. 150/-   


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